Some comments about our horses:

"The DVD got here on Friday.  I've watched it about 15 times!"

"I've been watching videos from your website so much that I know all the horses in the DVD you sent without having to look at the names any more."

"I saw your video of Pluto Tacoma on the web - he is sure a wonderful mover."

"Congratulations on beautiful horses. Josh especially."

"Your mares and stallions are indeed lovely!"

"Today I received the DVD of the three young fellows and enjoyed it very much. All three are fantastic."

"They're all fantastic--and you do a great job of presenting them!"

"What I've seen of your babies - - - - they are amazing!"

"Outstanding horses."

"The horses are AWESOME!"

"Wow what wonderful movement on your horses!"

"She really is incredible."

"Your horses are gorgeous!"

"He has wonderful extension and such expression in his trot."

"I must admit, I've never seen a Lippy that has quite the movement, action and elevation."

"To be honest, he is MUCH nicer than I was expecting."

"All I can say is she is FANTASTIC."

Dr. Jaromir Oulehla, evaluating Pluto Gisella in 2003, "Beautiful......he is the best in North America."

"Both horses are gorgeous! There's definitely a difference in the quality of your horses than some of the ones that I've seen out here."

"Your video has been widely circulated and has really challenged what many of my warmblood friends think of Lipizzans!"

"The opening sequence of your DVD is both brilliant and riveting. It certainly gets your point across. Also, Pluto is an absolutely magnificent animal."

"Your horses have been enchanting me for years."

"I love his movement and his kind and intelligent eyes"




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